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October 2008
Hail the End! Of a decade of madness...

Axis of Advance has been laid to rest after 10 prolific years. There is no drama and no controversy; with 6 triumphant releases, multiple compilation appearances and several successful shows in Europe and North America, the band collectively agree - there remains nothing more to achieve.

As most within the pantheon of extreme heavy metal are already aware – Axis of Advance arose from the remains of Sacramentary Abolishment back in 1998. All involved in S.A. went on to push the very definition of ferocity in the years to come; yet, for Vermin and Wör, particularly, Axis of Advance was never meant to be a redundant failsafe; ‘Purify’ stamped the seal of finality, of the cycle complete.

Onward we march, leaving this shell. Hail the End…



August 2008
This past summer finally saw the release of the band's first EP "Landline" released on vinyl. The release is limited to 900 copies on clear wax, with an additional 100 "die-hard" copies on white vinyl with an embroidered patch. Axis of Advance are pleased to have now offered their entire discography on wax!

There are plans to release a Landline TShirt in the coming months as well.

Visit www.grieffoundation.com for more details.


Welcome to the new rendering of the Axis of Advance web stronghold. Now that a competent site-administrator has been commissioned, updates should appear on a much more frequent basis.

2006 is shaping up to be another busy year for the band - both directly and indirectly. Here are the details as they are known, as of January 1st, 2006:

The new release - PURIFY - will be released in mCD and 10" vinyl editions via the Osmose Productions engine in January 2006. The absolute best way to obtain this release is directly from the Osmose web boutique. They're fast ~ they pack well ~ and they ship worldwide!

The first months of 2006 shall see the 10" vinyl release of our first EP - LANDLINE - on the ever patient Invictus Productions. More info to come both on this site, and at https://www.invictusproductions.net.

Wör and Vermin's pre-AoA band, Sacramentary Abolishment, recorded 3 full-length albums between 1994 and 1997. The long-out-of-print second album (first on CD), called 'River of Corticone' will be reissued on CD (TFD003CD) by Fifth Division Records. This will be strictly limited to 500 units, and they'll be gone very quickly! More S.A. info can be read here.

Vermin is pleased to announce that he will be performing session guitar duties for REVENGE on the upcoming European tour with Destroyer 666. Tour dates can be found here. Come and show yourself, and we shall raise a glass in the name of violent metal!


September 20th, 2005:
Axis of Advance have completed recordings for their new 25 minute mCD/mLP called 'PURIFY.' This release will occur before the end of 2005 on Osmose Productions.
The tracklisting for PURIFY is:

Foundation: Artifice Descends
Deceivers Purged
Edifice: The Power of Three
Tactics Forth
Pinnacle: Hail the End


September 4th, 2005:
The vinyl re-release of LANDLINE will finally see a release in December 2005 or January 2006 on INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS. We've decided to make this release a 10". Stay tuned for more information.


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